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I sell handmade goods, how would I go about becoming a vendor?

Simple, Click HERE to browse our shows and download an arts and crafts application!

Be sure to print it out and mail it in!

Will you cash my check/run my card before I am accepted?

No! JRM will only cash your check/run your card once you have been accepted to that particular show

Can I just email my application to you?

No! We receive thousands of emails daily, applications must be received in a paper copy to be processed and with proper photos.

How long does it take to process an application?

We Jury all of our applications and the process can take from 2-4 Weeks, please be patient, we will email an acceptance letter or return your application as soon as we have a decision!

What is a "JURY" Process?

For any of our shows, we allow a Jury to decide which vendors exhibit at any particular show, giving us a wide variety to all of our events and adds to the quality of each individual show!

I sell non-handmade/production goods, how would I go about becoming a vendor?

Easy! click HERE to browse our shows and download a sponsorship application!

Be sure to print it out and mail/fax it in!

When should I turn an application in?

Don’t wait until the last minute! In order to lock in your space please submit applications as soon as possible , most shows will fill before deadlines!

I sell food, how do I get into a show?

JRM handles multiple shows, and in order to stay organized we keep a food vendor resource file for every single vendor!
Just submit one of THESE resource file forms and we will issue you a food vendor application if we need your particular product at our next show!

What is a sponsorship?

A sponsorship allows you to promote and market your particular Interest ( if you aren’t selling something handmade, you will fall under the Sponsor Category ) Click HERE for Sponsor Apps.

What are your office Hours?